Definitely not a bubble

Calling bubbles in real time is hard, but come on:

This company added the word ‘Blockchain’ to its name and saw its shares surge 394%


How Floyd Mayweather helped two young guys from Miami get rich

“The boxer’s endorsement of Centra, along with a similar endorsement from the popular rapper DJ Khaled, lent a patina of credibility to a project that has ended up with more than a few problems, including a chief executive who does not appear to have been a real person and a shaky, fast-shifting business plan.”

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Further reading on Blockchain and all that

There is a lot of hype surrounding blockchain1, ICOs, crypto assets, etc. You can find thousands of articles on distributed ledger technology and its potential applications.

As usual, the quality of these pieces varies greatly. Few are worth your time. Below are some links to explanations that I found useful. Continue reading “Further reading on Blockchain and all that”