European bank M&A: domestic consolidation

European banks have been busy buying and selling foreign subsidiaries to increase their market share or to reduce complexity.

But the largest mergers and acquisitions have been between banks in the same country.


Crelan buys AXA Bank for 691 million (2021)


MKB Bank, Budapest Bank and Takarékbank merge into MBH Bank (2023)


Intesa Sanpaolo buys UBI Banca for €4.1 billion (2020)

BPER Banca buys Carige for a symbolic €1 (2022)


Caixabank buys Bankia for €4.3 billion (2021)

BBVA wants to buy Sabadell for €12.2 billion (2024)


UBS buys Credit Suisse for 3 billion Swiss francs (2023)

Julius Bär might buy EFG (2024)

United Kingdom

Nationwide buys Virgin Money for £2.9 billion (2024)

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