The rise of China

The New Yorker published a longread (also available in audio) about the increasing power of China. In his article Making China Great Again, Evan Osnos discusses a range of topics, from international relations and trade to artificial intelligence.

Two parts that I found particularly interesting:

[Yan Xuetong, the dean of Tsinghua University’s Institute of Modern International Relations] said, “I think Trump is America’s Gorbachev.” In China, Mikhail Gorbachev is known as the leader who led an empire to collapse. “The United States will suffer,” he warned.

According to In-Q-Tel, an investment arm of the United States intelligence community, the U.S. government spent an estimated $1.2 billion on unclassified A.I. programs in 2016. The Chinese government, in its current five-year plan, has committed a hundred and fifty billion dollars to A.I.

Update 27/01/2017: For a more critical perspective, see China’s Rise is Over.

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