Shameless self-promotion

As announced, I’ve picked up the pace of blogging. Since I’m really proud of Bankers are people, too, I’m going to add a reference to my book under every post, whether the post is directly related to the book or not.

If you don’t have the time to read, you can also hire me for lectures. Short courses include the basics of banking1, risk management2, knowledge management3 and central banking/monetary policy4. The courses are based on years of experience.

Furthermore, I give presentations to bankers, investors or students on the psychology of investing, financial technology (past, present and future), macroeconomics, and science versus economics.

Contact me for more information!


You might like Bankers are people, too: How finance works because it doesn’t contain any self-promotion.

  1. Target audience: new bankers, IT staff, regulators and policy-makers.
  2. Target audience: (junior) risk managers and executives.
  3. Target audience: middle management.
  4. Target audience: Asset managers and (central) bankers.

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