This blog is no longer found on Google. (Update: issue fixed)

The traffic to this blog has fallen steeply in recent days because my site no longer shows up in Google searches. If you’re looking for posts, use the search bar at the right hand side. The blog is still found by alternative search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. I hope to get the Google issue fixed asap.

Update, September 30:

I’ve added my site to Google Search Console. There are no crawl errors. Google also gives results if you query However, the problem seems to be that the index status shows zero indexed pages 🙁

Therefore, I requested Google to index my site again. You can do this under Google Search Control > Crawling > Fetch as Google.

Let’s hope this will fix the problem. If so, my blog should pop up again in Google searches about tax-on-web, quantitative easing, helicopter money and the other topics I write about. I’ll check if the issue is solved next week, as reindexing could take a couple of days.

Update, October 1:

The blog shows up on Google search again!

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