Blog highlights 2017

The end of the year is a time for retrospection.

These were the five most read1 posts on this blog:

Why do Germans remember the Weimar hyperinflation?

Problems with Christopher Balding’s analysis of Chinese banks and currency

Central bank liabilities and profits

What do physicists do? Research, software, and finance

Two publication cultures: economics versus physics


The piece on the Weimar hyperinflation was linked to by FT Alphaville and shared on Twitter by David Beckworth and Joe Weisenthal.

Christopher Balding and Brad Setser commented on my China post.

Thanks to these kind people, my blog attracted readers from around the globe.

According to Google Analytics, blog visitors were mostly located in the following ten countries:

Counting Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China as one country would put them in the sixth place, ahead of Canada.


If you like analyses in the vein of the posts about Chinese banks and central bank liabilities, you should read my book Bankers are people, too: How finance works!

  1. Excluding posts written in Dutch.

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