I started this blog in 2016. I wanted to publish short pieces while I was writing Bankers are people, too and build an audience for the book.

A lot has changed since then.

In the first years, I tried to post at least once a week about topics ranging from economic history to personal finance. Currently, I write almost exclusively about banks and monetary policy. I have lost interest in faits divers such as Gamestop, lumber, dogecoin… My style has also changed. I now mainly use this blog as my personal wikipedia. Well-polished articles don’t offer enough reward for the work it takes to write them.

Looking back, what should I have done differently?

  • Use video instead of text
  • Don’t waste time on ideologues
  • More coverage of innovative1 topics such as blockchain and ESG

That said, I’m glad that I met new friends and found jobs thanks to this blog.

New Year’s resolution

This year, I want to (a) increase my writing output and (b) increase my audience.

I plan to release three posts per week:

  • A post on banking (including the ECB) on Monday
  • Wednesdays will be devoted to random topics (research, macroeconomics, book reviews, personal stuff like the current post)
  • You can expect a Dutch language post about personal finance or the Belgian tax system on Friday

I will also share my posts more often on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, and submit op-eds to newspapers and other websites.

If you think a post would be useful for your friends, feel free to share it!