The education business

Two insightful articles by Adam Keesling (Napkin Math) on education and content creation:

Why MasterClass isn’t really about mastery (tldr: MasterClass doesn’t compete against universities, it sells credibility and inspiration)

Why software is more profitable than content (tldr: “Content products talk to humans, while software products talk to computers. That’s why the value of content decays faster than the value of software.”)

Alex Zhu (TikTok) also discusses the challenges of online content and learning at the beginning of this interview:

His key insights:

  • people want light content, both as consumers and as creators
  • education goes against human nature: most people use their smartphone for communication and entertainment, not to learn

Neil Patel wrote a very instructive blog post about creating and selling online courses. By giving away the course for free (for a limited time), you can generate publicity and collect an email list for future courses.

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